Demo 2013

by Bleak Reality

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released May 29, 2013

Atonement Records



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Bleak Reality Nottingham, UK

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Track Name: Fake Friends
Moving away I see all these faces change
Everything fades but my pain stays the same
Do we ever have friends like the ones when we were kids?
Isolated in a crowded room, how can you fly with broken wings?

To those who pretend to care
I know that you're fake
To those who pretend to care
Stay the fuck out of my face

You were my power, my pleasure, my pain
But now I'm nothing, I'm barely a grain
Just a speck on the Earth, what the fuck am I worth?
Been looking forward to death since birth
When I was down you never there
Weight of my pain too much to bare
It seems to me compassion is rare
I recognise fake friends will never care

When will you open your eyes and see the world for what it really is?

I should've cast you aside
No mercy for you or your kind
Empty words from a spineless mind
You're fucking out of line
Track Name: Sleep Tight
We carry our own keys inside hearts that won't bleed
You could expand your own dreams but you can't grow with no seed

Dead Inside
The splinter in my mind
Dead Inside
Direction seems so hard to find

If you've died inside how can you live life?
How can you see the truth looking through closed eyes?

Womb to the tomb condemned to lose
Battered and bruised, can't walk in these shoes
Look to the abyss, cold frosted bliss
One chance to swing, better not miss
You're a hollow frame
A whisper of death
This tyrannical reign
Will come to an end

You better sing the blues and say goodnight
Close your eyes motherfucker
Sleep tight

I'll fucking tear you limb from limb, you deserve nothing less
I'll swing and fucking stomp til there's nothing left
You're scum, pathetic, a worthless life
You've slipped for long enough, time to pay for your crime