Demo 2012

by Bleak Reality

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Recorded, mixed and mastered at Stuck On A Name studios by Ian Boult.


released May 7, 2012



all rights reserved


Bleak Reality Nottingham, UK

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Track Name: Bleak Reality
My reality is bleak

All hope has turned to dust
Salvation has long been lost
Humanity stands on its last legs
Praying to a God that was never there

I can't escape
There's no peace here
I'm still confined by the walls of my own fear

I can't break the shackles of a pre-determined path
The irony of running away from something that I know I can't escape
Watching the clock tick back, counting the dismal days left
So alienated, so frustrated, all we share in common is death

The signs are everywhere
Reality is cracking at the seams
How can you just fucking sit there?
I'm struggling to swallow my bleak reality

And when death comes to pull me out
I won't go quietly
As much as I detest society now
My biggest fear is what happens when the lights go out
Track Name: Tear It Down
Crawling like maggots, breeding like rats
Nothing but destruction on humanities path
Can't stand another day on this festering ground
Keep trying to build it up and I'll fucking tear it down

I see the darkness shrouding your mind
A barrier between yourself and the outside
Got to overcome
Got to re-empower yourself

No justice for the dying youth
The scales have tipped outweighing the truth
I have no time for this morbid world

The world is sick, thick with disease
The human plague has brought earth to its knees

Crawling like maggots, breeding like rats
Nothing but destruction on humanities path
I'm fucking done
Exterminate every last one
Track Name: Rich Man's Noose
Science has proven you're selfish and revealed your lies
Your greed has been exposed and yet look where the justice lies
Blood running through the streets all in the name of the pound sign
Millions fighting to survive and this is what you call a meaningful life

Such a fucking waste
Such a fucking waste of time

Millions run and hide coz they can't handle the truth
They'll push and fucking shove they'll fight nail and fucking tooth
An endless onslaught of the lies they perpetuate
Can't stand the taste of the lies spoon-fed by the hands of the state

They've wrapped the noose around your throat
Do them a favour and fucking choke
They've wrapped the noose around your neck
Do them a favour and choke to death

Scared shitless of the truth

I refuse to believe your lies
I see the truth through these hate filled eyes
I refuse to believe your lies
I fucking despise you
Track Name: Die Raw
Every single thought that I throw away
Every fucking moment that I hesitate
Every raw emotion that I suppress
Sucks me deeper into a world that I can't fucking bare

The feeble minded millions are still existing unborn
Enslaved to the ever blatant truth that goes on and on ignored
Comfortably frustrated, their tortured minds outdated
All heart leeched by a system that they never even saw

Modern man enslaved by the manufactured hell we've made
Our tortures and desires design to numb and nullify us

The struggle and the fight
The depression every night
The aggression I can't numb
Scraping by on the skin of my gums
The disease and the death
My life is a fucking mess
Never settle for anything less
The right to unhappiness

I claim without a second thought
I fucking claim it all
I won't live numb, I'll die raw
Won't be scratched by societies claws