Burden Of Shame

by Bleak Reality



Recorded at Stuck On A Name Studios by Ian Boult
Guest Vocals by Louis Gauthier of Breaking Point/Brutality Will Prevail
Artwork by Micky O'White

Anger Battery Records


released January 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Bleak Reality Nottingham, UK

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Track Name: Burden Of Shame
Cold and numb, no space to breathe
Vacant inside this body cannot grieve
Soul outcast from this broken shell
Banished to burn in my living hell

Burden of shame
Powerless to try erase this weight

We can't progress, it seems hopeless to try
The only escape is the day we die
Every breath I take is just another regret
Lie after lie that I just can't forget

Burden of shame
Powerless to try erase this weight
Burden of shame, burden of shame
Fed up of living my life this way

I will fight and claw my way out this mess
Show you I can change and that I can progress
I will change when I can progress
Track Name: The Hammer
Can't let go of the past
Coz your words still echo
Now they feed the insecurity
And this pain is all I know
Paranoid state of mind
There's no trust
You crippled our communication
Thanks to your lust

Constant detest
Deranged reality
The friendship I backed is taking its toll on my sanity

This friendship I backed is taking its toll on everything
You were my brother, you were my friend
But I can't keep wearing this mask
It's fucking wearing me thin

I'm fading in and out now all the lines are blurred
A stain on the untarnished life now that is absurd
You stole the innocence right out of me
You stole away the very essence of what I wanted to be

All that I wanted to be

Bring the hammer down
Where is my justice?
Bring the hammer down
Coz I can't deal with this
Bring the hammer down
When all is finally said
I'll bring the fucking hammer down
Right on your fucking head